About My South Africa Payday



Our operations began in Canada. Visit our Canadian homepage for more details. Our goal is to service people's short term credit needs without being difficult or unpleasant to deal with. We all have enough trouble in our lives, and we don't want to add to that.


Your time is valuable and we understand that

People don't want to spend their time in lineups or talking to customer service people. We understand this, and that's why we make it our job to get you your money as fast as is humanly possible. Using online loans can save hours of time from your day -- time you could be using for something more productive.

Respecting our customers is key

Too many business see their customers as nothing more than numbers. At My South Africa Payday we believe in building relationships with our customers. This means a completely different approach to customer satisfaction than most payday lenders employ. If you ever have a concern or need help with your loan payments, just give us a call at 021 300 2736 or email us at getpaid@mysouthafricapayday.com and we will work something out. You will never have to worry about obnoxious debt collectors calling you at work and harassing you.